indoor physical fitnessWinter makes it difficult to exercise for people used to going outdoors. You may prefer to walk around the neighborhood or do yoga in the middle of nature, but when winter comes, you stay indoors for weeks at a time. There are plenty of ways to exercise and remain fit all while remaining indoors this winter.



Performing yoga is just as beneficial and interesting indoors as it is outdoors. Yoga helps you to relax, meditate and breathe more deeply. It’s a way to prepare the body for more intense fitness, too. You focus more on relaxing than lifting heavy weights or sweating.


Floor Mat Exercises

Floor mat exercises include sit-ups, pushups, twists and lungs. Do a wide range of activities that involve sitting up, lying down and standing up. Some exercises are more beneficial with the use of dumbbells or medicine balls, but lift only the amounts that you can handle.


Indoor Exercise Equipment

Although it seems more appealing to ride a bike outside, it’s also possible to ride indoors and receive the same benefits. On an exercise bike, you strengthen the heart and leg muscles. Using this machine is the best preparatory tool for bikers. Prepare for biking outdoors where the conditions are more rugged and unpredictable.

Using a treadmill is dangerous if you don’t remain well balanced and slip. Some people use the machine for hours at a time and even while they’re tired. Too much exercise can be just as harmful as too little of it.


Chair Exercises

Chair exercises are not restricted to the elderly or people stuck in wheelchairs. These routines are ideal ways to benefit from anaerobic exercise and bodybuilding without exerting too much energy. Stretch the muscles in your back and spine without worrying about seriously injuring yourself. Include the use of dumbbells to build muscles in your arms and wrists.


The Importance of Warming Up

Remember it is very important to warm up before you start exercising. Stretch the muscles to prevent an accidental strain that may result in major pain and soreness. A pulled muscle can progress to a problem that may make it difficult to walk, stand or sit down.

The preventative solution is always to warm up before exercising. Injury becomes less common when the core muscles are strong. There are hundreds of simple fitness routines that can be performed indoors. Warming up the muscles is how you prevent injury to muscles and joints.


If you do have pain or an injury in your back or spine, consult with one of our experts at the Pain & Spine Center in Charlottesville, VA.