woman doing aerobics outdoors
slim sporty woman fitness in autumn city park

The air is getting colder and you can tell by the looks of it that fall is already here. Should you camp indoors? Should you stop your fitness routine because it’s fall? Exercising outside doesn’t have to stop when the first leaf falls! In fact, fall is a great time to get a new exercise routine. With the crisp air, crunchy leaves and rich colors of nature starting to show up, shouldn’t it be the best time to get fit outside?

Here are a few physical fitness tips that you can make use of this fall.

  1. Take advantage of the weather

The outdoors is perfect during fall—- crisp air, picturesque foliage, bright sun, and cool weather. Don’t get cooped up inside your home just yet when you can get sweat outside before the snow falls. Kayaking, running, hiking trails, and cycling in autumn give you the chance to enjoy all of the different colors of nature. 

  1. Dress for the weather

Since the weather starts to cool down, wear clothes that are breathable yet provide warmth from the cold wind. Invest in footwear with flexible soles to help you move with ease. 

  1. Make it simple

You don’t have to join a marathon to stay active during fall. You can make your physical fitness routine simple by going on brisk walks with your kids or grandkids. You will keep your body physically fit while bonding with your loved ones. Consider outdoor activities such as playing football with your kids in your backyard or cleaning up the carpet of autumn leaves within your home’s perimeter.

  1. Make fall events more fun

Thanksgiving and Halloween are two of the many exciting events that happen in fall. You can make your celebration more exciting by planning active games such as croquet, softball, or pumpkin bowling – anything that makes you sweat and raises your heart rate.  You can even join a boot camp and help train the little goblins for their night of “Trick or Treat.”

  1. Be safe

Always make safety your priority. Don’t forget to wear protective clothing when going outside. Bring flashlights to illuminate your way if you plan to take an early morning run since mornings are still a bit dark during colder seasons. Invest in good head and tail lights for your bike and don’t enter an area that you aren’t familiar with. 

Not only can fall be a treat to your eyes, but it can be the perfect season to start improving your physical health, fitness and stamina. Take advantage of the season change and adjust your workout as needed. You’ll have the satisfaction of a year-round wellness regimen.